Warm Petals

The neighborhood surrounding Ryan's family home is just as lovely as his own. This is one of the neighbor's homes I have gotten to know well, they are amazing! Theater excited middle school teachers who love to travel as often as possible to exotic places like Iceland and Ireland! here are a few photos Ryan took of me on a garden walk wearing mixed patterns! I've been trying to mix for a while now, this combo is one of my favorites because its the silliest skirt ever, handmade by someone with like an inch wide elastic band just sewn in as a waist. The top is actually a weird long tunic maybe even maternity thing but I just unbuttoned and tied it, pulled the skirt up and its the simplest and most comfy fun outfit. I guess i just did another

outfit post

. WOAH RARE. (every thing is thrifted)

Does anyone have any mixing patterns posts I can read? I love it! I have a REALLY AMAZING friend named

Heather Bryant

who is the master of mixing! Its seriously amazing folks, ALSO you should check out her amazing Lithography skills! (thats right, LITHO LADY) <3!