Studio Posy

The most amazing thing happened a few months back, a new local flower shop popped up downtown (Norfolk). It is called Studio Posy and it's owned and operated by a fabulous mother-daughter team, Carol and Marissa. They do mostly family events, corporate gatherings and weddings but I am excited by the prospect of walking downtown and picking up a dashing handful of local flowers or a little planted fern. Marissa and Carol recently held a terrariums workshop which I had to attend and I shot a few film and phone pictures.. The little shop is completely enchanting, from the decor to flower arrangements.. the class was very informative and I left with a big mason jar terrarium I made all on my own.. PROUD. My first ever little planted habitat, thanks Studio Posy!!

I am really falling in love with this little city of big dreamers and DOers, It's places like this and my vintage shop and Kitch VA (just to name a few) that make Norfolk a rad future destination for any artist or creative person needing an affordable, adorable, and walkable city! Not to mention it's perfect for starting up a small business.. :)