officially a foodie

Thats me now, I think. My sister always referred to me as a foodie but I always thought it was because I liked to eat. haha which is partially true... But what makes it totally true is that I LOVE to eat FANCY things constantly. I like going out to eat, trying new things, visiting places just because i have heard the food is good there researching recipes & experimenting in my own kitchen. Since we have been back from our Grand Adventure, I have been completely re-inspired by food! I dont really want to eat out anymore (which is 100% unlike me), but now I just want to get home to make something wildly delicious on my own. (It also helps that when I got home I cleaned the heckkkk out of my apartment and kitchen so it's adorable and fun to be in now) It feels like a really exciting challenge & I wanted to share a few of my meals the past few weeks. YUM! You can follow my on instagram to see my meals almost daily withlavandlace

you see something you love? my favorite were the coconut chicken (OMGAH it was so delish) and the wildberry scones.. Ive made a few scones in the past month and these have been my absolute favorite! Have any of you started having fun in your kitchens? AM I AN OLD LADY?