i will miss you ariel! (plus goodbye video)

Well, She is gone! My baby lady ARIEL has moved to Nashville with a group of good people and friends from the past. I am so happy to see her grow and learn in a new place. She has been a very special friend to me since I moved here and opened my shop. We've really gotten to know each other in this short amount of time.. we've traveled to Boston, explored New England, spent NEW YEARS together! :) Sang in the rain, had numerous picnics and played music together. It's been SUCH A pleasure knowing you deary.. Cant wait to VISIT :)!

These photos were from her birthday last week.. we made scones in the morning and enjoyed each others company... after the photos you will find a special little video i put together for her farewell. If you've been following my blog for a while, you may recognize some of the footage from different events.. I almost never use video clips but all of them are so special to me and Im really happy to get to share them here. Enjoy!