Dreaming Doubles

Something magical happened when I accidentally shot over an entire roll of film, AGAIN! You remember This Post?, only this time.. it was redscale film... and it was actually the best accident ever! I am so proud of some of these photos! Redscale film is really extreme film ESPECIALLY if you are trying to take fun portraits, it's miserable to develop the roll and realize you didn't let enough light in and everyone looks like they were dancing in the deepest depths of hades because everyone is glowing red. The thing about redscale is if you shoot it right in enough light, you can get some REALLY cool blues and greens and weiiirdddd colors besides red.. here are a few.. gahhhh love it! Tell me what you think about these! (these photos are from March)

Im so happy to have a place to share treasures of my life like this for friends and strangers to see! Thanks for supporting me you guys! :) <3!