New Orleans Trip in film and instagrams! (day 1/2)

HEY! Guess where I just got back from... NOLA! My sister and I booked flights in January to visit New Orleans for Jazz fest. The trip totally snuck up on me and I didnt realize until like a week before our flight that we were leaving so soon. haha. Anyway, this trip was AMAZING. The city is completely enchanting and creepy and hauntingly beautiful. We learned so much about the area and the culture and even old ghoulish souls!! Here are film and instagrams of our first day there. We flew in around 11am and hopped on a tour bus for a few hours where we learned all sorts of things about this AMAZING place.

(our hotel was a dream! floral wallpaper and old windows! more on that later...)

These are just from the first half of the day, We visited a bunch of neighborhoods and this wild Irish Catholic graveyard. It's so lovely and yet so unsettling. There are bricks missing and graves falling over all over the place, also notice the cross above the grave my sister and I posed in front of... after Kartina.. people started breaking these crosses off of tombs to sell in the black market... apparently they sell for A TON of money... WERID RIGHT?