Post Valentine's Day Tea Party! (photo heavy!)

Hello! This past Thursday, my vintage shop threw a wonderful Tea Party! I spent a few days with the help of my new Lav and Lace interns (!!!) prepping for the party. We made a million beautiful cookies and other tasty treats. I had this sassy idea of making a moon to sit on as a photobooth prop. Mike (shop neighbor) made it out of foam core, angel (creative director) painted it, I mounted it, and ariel and elisa made the background. BOOM! an amazing little place to take photos! I also asked everyone to dress fancy so we could be classy together. Take a look! I wish you all could have been there! :) theres even a little music clip if you can find it!

and there you have it, a little look in With Lavender and Lace living. Tea parties are fabulous but it's really the big hearted community that makes it work so well. Kudos to Ghent friends... you all make my life so special!