Shop Days!

i always forget to share little moments in my baby shop. every day is filled with pretty faces, funny conversations, and music!

and here are some instagrams from daily shop life!
This is Skye Zents, she is a very special and new human in my life.. you will see and hear more about her soon!
Im sure you recognize these two from photos, Ariel and Ian!
Ian in his usual position, singing the world to a better place.
the pretty wynter poe!
some sassy skinny men's ties!
this is Jake Hull, a new melodious friend. He is special and you will hear things made by him soon!
One pretty morning at the shop.
this is my rockstar friend Ronnie, he is hilarious and...well.. a rockstar.
This is Shannon, she is awesome and super super lovely. This photo is awesome because i reminds me of a 1998 Senior portrait.
This is my newish friend Andew. He is a sass master but in the best way. He also plays awesome tunessssss.
shannon as an adorable candy cane...
Rachel wearing a christmas present from me and a lav and lace dress. she is such a babe!
January window wear..
and here is a little table I set up just outside the front of the shop. adorbssssss.