Goodbye 2011! You were my favorite year ever ever!

2011 was filled with about a million wonderful moments. here are a few i love to remember!
Ryan and I endured our LAST Boston winter.

I created my first functioning cozy mini studio in our TINY one bed apartment (shared with jimmy)

I made my second video lookbook for with lavender and lace and spent a ton of time on branding the little shop.
film by kelsie mcnair, music by grouper

I had a great time being apart of Happiest Lion now called Caleb Groh for my last little bit of time in Boston

My little shop was featured in a local free magazine in Boston called the Weekly Dig, so proud!!

I turned 22 years old this year!

Went to and sang at SXSW in Austin Tx with Caleb Groh. AMAZING MEMORIES. post. post. post. post.

I participated in my first ever gallery show with some fab friends called The Language of Fruit and Flowers. SPECIAL MEMORY! read about it here. and here.

this year i accidentally shot my first ever roll of film twice. This has never happened to me before but it was amazing to see the images for the first time!

I opened up my very own handmade shop (currently asleep) filled with my special artist books and handmade journals made from recycled and found materials. looking forward to a great selection of these in the online shop coming soon! post. post. post.

This year, I 'suffered' my last final finishing never again REVIEW BOARD! thank goodness this part of my life is over.


Then we packed up. hugged our friends. threw a party. then moved away.

Then we started fresh fresh fresh in a new city. weirdest time of my life, the first few months here were so wonky.

then a few friends and I made an adventure to OHIO where I shot my first film wedding in YEARS. it was a wonderful trip. I love a good adventure. here are details. the first look. the bride. wedding party. the ceremony.

Then, all of the sudden.. I opened my little vintage and handmade boutique! DREAM COME TRUE! step 1.step 2. step 3. GRAND OPENING.

PHEW WHAT A WONDERFUL YEAR. This past month... a handful of other wonderful things happened too! You'll see/hear them soon enough. Thank you all for following this blog and sharing your memories and comments with me. 2011, you were so special. photo by ari zadai