last year, this time.

Since my adventuring this season has been smooshed into only a little bit a week, I've been reminiscing in beautiful images of Sister Winter from Boston and New York that I took last year. This is one of my absolute favorite parts about being a photographer, the visual history I create for my forgetful future self. These moments were all so special to me, as they still are in so so so many ways!

these are from a day trip to see the Chelsea galleries in nyc, I miss jimmy so much!

here are some photos from shoots with friends along with really awkward self portraits

I am happy to have these photos to bring back those perfect chilly memories. This weekend has been good for the shop, many fun things have happened and lots of friends have visited (I love that). ALSO listen to this!!! Last night, these AWESOME older rockabillies came into the shop and were hanging out because they had a show at the bar that my shop is connected to... anyway, one of the took his shirt off to show off his tattoos! It was amazing and so funny, Most hilarious and awesome thing to have happened in the shop since it's been open. I think im going to make a BOOK OF AWESOME THINGS to put all of the crazy cool things that happen in the shop.