Christmagrams (heh, get it?!)

(listen to these two wonderful songs while looking around, then get the whole record for free here)

Christmas Eve getup
Ry's work party prep
so many cookies in my life right now. these are orange meringues also peppermint!
this is silly christmas Tina.
pretty cute holiday portrait!
almond macaroons!
Ry got me a classical baby! I am in loveeeee!
this is Bella as a Russian Queen
sprite is the best little gift.
christmas eve morning french press coffee
happy to have caitlin home for a little while
look at this pretty present of a human in my shop!
found this ANCIENT amazing hand painted portrait for Ry. He LOVES it!
these are evidence of late night walks after wine
went to a blogging party last week!
this is emily's little tree!
then a few new friends and I made a ton of pretty pretty cookies last week
heart chocolate chip! seriously?!
perfect cookies all around
love this little instagram
yes, we had shimmer dust!
meet lady Rebecca from The Clothes Horse blog. She's a really sweet thing.
this cutie is Julia from La Belle Oiselle OH and check out her SASSY holiday cover!
and last but not least...

I really hope your holiday weekend was very very special and filled with love and warmth! I am so very thankful for you blog ladies and new/future friends (readers) and I hope that this next week/ the last little bit of 2011 really finishes out the year with a BAM! I am looking forward to so many things in the future and Im so excited to see what 2012 brings to my feet! Merry Christmas!