Hello Beautiful People!!!!!

Thank you all for your support of my new OPEN boutique and for bearing with me while I couldn't help but be quiet while I scrubbed and priced and created it. I have a heart that is absolutely AT FULL CAPACITY after so much love and support from local friends and family to the ones on the other side of the world. I OWE YOU ALL a great big hug! anyway, today has been my official first day in the little shop.. we've had like 15 customers and already reached our daily goal and I am just happy as a peach! Im now sitting on my little Lav and Lace couch near my favorite scented candle listening to beautiful Nathan Phillips' album "Postcard", expecting some folks here later.. I am so happy to be able to SIT DOWN and type to you all. I want to share so much with you about how this happened and the ridiculous amount of work that it took, but I feel like that might be a drag so I'm going to share more instagrams. My Iphone has been my one real photo tool with me these past weeks so I've collected a nice collection of little moments that are so special and so necessary to present the progression of this little magic place. enjoy!
my first flyer! i have probably created like 2 dozen different designs in the past few weeks
doing my part to promote as much as humanly possible.. took photos of every place I put the flyers..
trying to figure out the perfect floor paint color..
before it almost fell and took the wall with it.. these racks were the BIGGEST PAIN EVER.. they are just so heavy!
the day i got my bidness license!
check it!
did this to my countertop. so inspired by elsie's DIY
pink and gold.
i got by with a little help from my friends..
but seriously, i love them all.
Pretty Wynter cutting zines!
Rachel painting some pretty things on the shop wall
my mini photo tags. very proud of them.
Wynter's pretty handwriting for my hours sign!
sometimes, my obstacles would be so minuscule but so important
so I had to overcome them..
I hunted and hunted for weeks for the perfect love seat... finally found her.
getting somewhere..
I made so many makeshift things! Its been amazing working with materials I've never worked with before.
my darling mother was so good to me with all the help in the world! (love her shirt right?)
my sassy sister worked hard with us too!
finally things started making sense.
while hunting for shop lights/shelves.. i found this. SO HAPPY
some dark details
here is a collection of 3 out of 5 zines I created as lookbooks for the grand opening.. i'll share more on this later.
so finally the day came.. and I ate a giant pickle in celebration..
there were also balloons!
this is the only shot I got of the party but it was BEYOND wonderful. I will remember it FOR EV ER.
somone brought me this beautiful lavender handmade wreath! I LOVE IT. so special!
matt and i!
ariel and i!
the last photo of the night.. I'm drinking a strongbow cider at the Taphouse and eating hush puppies with honey. complete utter happiness.

and here are a few shots from today..
ariel was documenting on her new Iphone..
me being a sales lady?

well, its been a craaaaazy ride.. but I pulled it off somehow. I had a sweeeet photographer shooting the party so I will have photos of that next week to share! Again, I just want to say THANK YOU for all the support and love. I am so happy right now! If ANY of you would like to be involved somehow in my shop CONTACT ME.. or if you have super specific questions.. email me! I'll blog about it or share it with you. SEE YALL TOMORROW! <3