I am opening a boutique!! IT'S REAL IT'S REAL IT'S REALLY REAL!! THIS is what I've been working on all week and for the next few!!! trying to get things clean before I move all of my beautiful things in!!! I am so excited to offer this kind of business in such a pretty little area. The store is tiny and perfect.... I've been planning for days and days and days... I am having a blast figuring out each step and SO MANY beautiful people have entered into my life who are so excited with me! Together, With Lavender and Lace will become a community of loving and artistic peoples and be a small staple in their creative lifestyles! I am ECSTATIC to tell you all now! This is such a special thing and I have all of you wonderful inspirational blogettes to thank! You're all so wonderful!

I am elbow deep in decisions and dirt and ideas but these next few weeks and going to FLY by and soon, I'll have ALL DAY LONG to blog and share my new friends and make things while running the shop.... But for now, you're all going to have to excuse me while I work on getting out all the kinks. Its just me and these messy hands, building a pretty empire on W21st st. I'll be posting as often as I can BUT for more deets and hilarious remarks and photos... here is my twitter and my instagram.

AND why not share a few instagrams here now?!?!?!?!

my first step to acquiring the space... eat a treat before signing the lease.. haha

matthew, (best friend/ business partner) revising the lease..

my key my key!!

painting day!!

So, thats it! this is my life right now. Being crazy and making up things like a business from an idea. Wish me luck yall! I hope to be selling some of YOUR handmades in the very very very near future!! :)