small and pretty

This past week I spent some time making little things like this to sell at the flea markets coming up. My mom and I slaved over a hot glue gun and made a ton of headbands with fake flora. These little bows were my own project I whipped out in an afternoon after staring at my ribbon pile. Theres not much that I do with ribbon besides put it in handmade books for pockets or on the front covers as embellishments. But I LOVE a good ribbon roll, whenever I see one at a thrift store.. its GOT TO BE MINE. So, I put my thinking cap on and decided to make some delightful little bows to sell. If they dont sell, I may put a few in the shop. I know there is a ton of stuff out there like this but, hey, Im digging the green and mustard velvet ribbon RIGHT? MMHMM and those little blue ones.. they really make me happy! Here are some detailed shots for yaaaaaaa...

thats all for now, I'll be back with some photos of the flower things we made later on! <33
kelsie marie mcnair4 Comments