Proud of myself!!

i made this gif image in like 2 seconds when I've been thinking for years that it would probably be the most complicated endeavor. hilarious. I'm getting ridiculously excited for this weekend.. WHY YOU ASK? well, because I am blessed enough to be meeting like 20 gorgeous babes who are going to help me out by modeling my 200+ fall glam pieces for With Lav and Lace Vintage! Actually.. we arnt shooting this weekend.. BUT we are meeting and greeting. There will be snacks and fittings and note taking and portrait shooting. I am really excited to make some new friends here in virginia! I love my boys but WHERE THE GIRLS AT. im sorry im acting wild! haha its so late and I was nose deep in fake flora and tape for a greater part of my day. actually, i'll share some instagrams!! I actually just started using this app like a month ago. I was super skeptical for a while because any app pretending to replicate film is something i find super silly (being a film photog, i have this right!) haha but once i started playing around with it, i LOVE IT. and i love the idea of having them printed! They are sort of like a sloooooowwww polaroid because they will take a while to have printed but they provide immediate satisfaction and being able to post them where ever i like (facebook/twitter/tumblr), it just keeps me sharing itsy bitsy details! i find myself photographing things i seriously never even notice with my film camera. ITS EXCITING. i'll be back with a fresh roll of film tomorrow! <333333