I just might explode...

SERIOUSLY. when I was a freshmen in Boston, I used to use this phrase whenever I'd get really freggin excited about something... followed shortly with a slightly audible explosion sound. It was hilarious and when I found Kara's blog... I immediately felt connected. haha That sounds so silly but I dont care!

Kara is the super charming lady behind ijustmightexplode.com.. I bet a ton of you already follow her.. its' that red hair isnt it?! IT'S SO FUN!

haha! I love her little blog and watching it develop and seeing her design work overflow in her PDF scrapbook course descriptions.. I really want to take some of them and support her but alas, no real job= no real money. SO I am posting about this amazing GIVEAWAY from her blog simply because I want a chance to win her PDFs and a sponsor spot! Along with letting all you wonderful people know about the giveaway. CHECK IT OUT HERE.


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