getting ready for the storm

hello world! as some of you know... RIGHT NOW hurricane Irene is headed for my house. I live on the very corner tip of virginia above north carolina and things are getting scary! Seriously this week has for sure been the weirdest week of my life. from an EARTHQUAKE (I still cant believe this one) to a giant hurricane right as the season begins.. things are weird right now!!!

My first earthquake... I was in my studio on the 4th floor of an old building in Norfolk, Va while trying a fishtail braid with some string for a book mark... I thought it was just a GIANT gust of wind at first so I looked outside to see the trees steady as a rock. Everything was SUPER quiet and then everything began to shake!!! my table... racks of clothes.. things started to fall off my walls... I WAS FREAKING OUT. haha my knees were wobbly when I stood up and ran to the back porch to see what was happening! I held onto the frame while plants were falling everywhere on the porch and I looked down into a neighbors pool to see WAVES! not ripples but WAVES! Completely confused and freaked out, I ran downstairs and out the front door hoping to be greeted with people who were just as weirded out as I was but instead.. NO ONE CAME OUTSIDE. hahaha everyone was at work! I just stood there with sweaty palm and shaky knees as i quickly called Ryan. He hadn't felt anything. He told me I should walk to a coffee shop or something just in case. I just ended up going back upstairs and figuring out the truth about what had happened. a 5.8 on the richter scale about 4 hours from me! WHATTTTT.. so strange!!

anywho! We are bracing ourselves for this GIANT hurricane. I've been through dozens of them but this is the first to hit us before other states.. meaning it's wind and rain will hit us VERY hard. We have decided to rough it out at my sister's house in Virginia Beach. We've stocked up on foods and waters for a few days because I know in storms like this, this area looses power for DAYSSSSS. here is a little info about what a strong category 2 hurricane is possible of... flash flooding//at least a 10 foot water surge during the storm in low-lying areas//tornadoes (hopefully not)// power outages for a week// no water//

as scary as it sounds, i know my family and I will be safe during this storm! I only hope other people on this area realize the power of Irene and are ready to hold on if they decide to stay!! Im going to be away from the blog as long as power is out (which will hopefully not be very long..) but i will be posting pictures and updates through my phone of the storm on my instagram and on my twitter. if you want to see how we're holding up.. just check in on me there! wish us luck guys!!

the calm before the storm!

people headed out of town.