For Mr and Mrs Lyon

I made a book for the couple who's wedding I shot last weekend. they liked it! so happy!

loveeee book binding! i will start up again once i get a few hundred items in the vintage shop... jeez thats exhausting. but after a rough weekend ( someone rear-ended us in my "new" car that i've only have for like 2 months and i think its totalled ): we wont know until someone comes to look at it next week) DEPRESSING. but at least we're both alive and well, apart from some serious neck sorness on my end... well, i guess things like this just happen... im not too torn up about it, its just something else to worry about YOU KNOW. (getting another car AGAIN) but it other news, we had a really lovely storm yesterday and it inspired me to put up more shoes! (im drowning in SHOES yall) so go take a looksies.

(click image to go to shop!)

getting films from the wedding developed today. be excited!