This was my FAVORITE handmade book yet! i just loooove this fabric (seen here). I yanked it from a vintage blazer and im so happy i still have a ton left because the day i finished this litte baby, i took it with me to a coffee shop and a friend bought it from me right there! It was made with really epic drawing paper (which brand has slipped my mind) but its great for pens/pencil/markers/collage/photographs. I also stuck a vintage photocard in the front and some beautiful gold thin decorative paper for the most pleasant opening experience. I also attached a pretty new bookmark made of rose burlap. Doesnt it look like the best place to put your ideas and doodles?!?!

I feel like such a proud mother after I finish these things. They take all day and by the end I have glue all over my arms and pieces of fabric in my hair and the biggest mess ever on my table/floor but it feels so good to hold the little gems and know someone will fill them with life!!!! I've just recently turned my attention back to my books because its what I love love love to do and Im planning a GIANT reopening of the book shop with a large number of journals in the future. I also have a ginormous FALL clothing shoot coming soon with about 20+ girls ive never met and a hair/make up stylist. EXCITED. <3