EEEK! so our roommate just moved out and had to cancel internet. and to get it again, it will cost us around 150$! too much money! especially since we could be leaving at any moment!

so i am writing to you all from free wifi at starbucks. ryan and i just ate burritos at ANNAS TAQUERIA. if you're ever in boston, EAT THERE!


LAST NIGHT, happiest lion payed a show with lady lamb and the bee keeper at the middle east downstairs. the show was PACKED and AWESOME! aly is SO talented! and to top it off, caleb has a ton of very awesome friends from out of town visiting and making a record! more about them later..

ive officially learned how to drive a stick shift! after many stalls, i only stall out like once or twice. haha!

what else....
im uploading some clothes for the shop in a sec and im probably going to do some book work tonight.. maybe open the shop..

im ramblin! YALL WILL SEE!