im finding out

that its hard to blog in film when you're really broke. BUMMER. this week was seriously so mellow. I needed to get a ton of stuff done and i just sat around and relaxed. i always feel guilty for things like this because im not really under any form of pressure (apart from working enough to pay rent+bills). We've just been super lazy this past week. which i say is OKAY! this is why my blog has been so sleepy.. because i have been so sleepy. haha

for a lazy post, today i want to share with you, the beautiful hickey garden. my ryan hickey has the most lovely family home just south of boston, we travel there literally as often as possible. it reminds us of the life normal humans live with gardens and a grill and sitting outside drinking blueberry lemonade. we/i cant wait to live somewhere low key. haha.

how wonderful?! anyway, ive been working everyday then coming home and playing with sprite or going out on a date with ry or making a book here and there. tonight we are going out with his sister Meaghan to celebrate the boston victory! (stanley cup). actually, she sells cute watches on etsy. her shop is cleverly called Sunny Bricini Crafts. check her out!

okay, ill probably be back later tonight. sorry for not being a social butterfly!