well well well

as most of you know. its my last week of school and ive been stressing to the max with papers and things. and the weird thing is, i shot a roll of film last week knowing i would be imageless this week.. and i LOST THE ROLL. only to find that today, when i was commissioned for some professional work... the ROLL REAPPEARED IN MY CAMERA and the WHOLE awesome roll is now double exposed and still awesome but i was very very sad. i had the whole week planned out too man. there were enough goodies on that thing to keep the ball rolling while i was face down in books about portraits and ancient mexican civilizations. """"SIGHHHHHH""

bleh i feel like a crazy woman. any way ive decided to give myself until 10pm on the internet before closing the door to go back to work. SO I WANTED TO BLOG for yall. tell me how ya feel about these pics. they make me very sad but also very happy.. BUT GOSH when you see on photo, try to make it out on its own and think of how wonderful it would have been without another picture on top. or how wonderful it is now?