memorial day on the south shore

today has been very muggy and warm! but very beautiful! ryan and i headed down south a little ways to his family's house to BBQ and relax. I spent the day finishing a book and starting a new one, playing games and dipping my toes into their neighbor's frigid but wonderful pool. i am so spoiled by this.

SO. some updates!

-i just recently bought a very nice digital camera as a graduation present to myself. it didnt come with a lens so i have some more work to sell before i can afford it. dont worry though, the cam is for commissioned work, etsy sellings, and video work. i will still be shooting film 24/7
-im hoping to have the handmade with lavender and lace store up by the end of the week. with all the give aways and needing journals for myself.. Ive had to whip up a few more to have a decent amount to post.
-about to post a bunch of new items to my shop. FINALLY! life has been so busy now i finally have time to do things i LOVE.