a may picnic and updates

first of all. these photos have been scanned at a stupid low resolution but i havent had time to redo them. so sorry for that.

so my dad is in boston, my mom gets here friday, my sister will be here saturday. (each of these with their significant other)
ryans family is throwing us a giant party at his sweet little home on the south shore on saturday and my whole family will be here for that. graduation is on sunday at 6pm. (SO WEIRD) and ALSO, tomorrow im going to new york for the next two days to spend a ton of money i dont have on things i dream about like french macaroons and fancy van gogh caramel vodka and brunch.
I also sold my car and bought another one that wont constantly need to be fixed...
we are in the slow process of finding someone to take this apartment from us so that we can move to virginia in like... 14 days.

bottom line.
im not stressed out, im just really busy.

im running out the door for a photoshoot with my friend kendal. its going to be wonderful!
be back tonight with some more photosssss.