some photos of lorely and thankfulness that the winter has passed

Well well well. Today was a strange day. I have exactly 4 weeks from RIGHT NOW until my semester ends. found out today that i have a total of 5 papers due before then. then the large format photographs I want to print and an entire photo book i need to create by then and various other mini projects. I was so overwhelmed that i came home and just WENT TO SLEEP. yes i am really achieving goals. haha. my excuse is. I think im still finishing up this silly sickness. feeling very good today though!

so here are two beautiful representations of my little lorely rodriguez. she is a darling lady friend of mine, sharp as a whip and probably an undercover pop sensation she was writing under the moniker of kario key for the last several months. and as much as i ADORE the pop fab sounds of her and her producer aaron, her new work is called La Concha and its literally my favorite noise at the moment. I cant wait for you to hear it! we're working on ideas for a music video and photo shoots soon. ALSO lorely and I are doing a project together called LEMON. she is producing my noises and making them the most magnificent sounds... i cant wait to share them! anyway, here are two beauties from a music sesh in her room a week or so ago. (120 films)

Run Away by Kariokey

and! today was a whopping 56 degrees here in boston. the warmest I have felt in literally MONTHS. it was rainy and GROSS but the humidity did some fabulous things to my hair so thats cool (its been so dang cold and dry). but I found these prints i forgot to upload... they are from the first big winter storm. ryan and i like to adventure all around the city in our bulky body coats and take pictures... well I like to, he might just come along for the ride. heh!