handmade with lav and lace

there was a givaway on moorea-seal's blog a while back and the lovely Rita from Curioser won the book and BLOGGED IT! love the photos, girl! hope the book holds all your secrets! or just looks cute on a shelf! haha.

and, like i was telling Rita...

i have been binding books for a new shop that I will open in May called Handmade With Lavender and Lace! i want you all to know about it and look forward to it with me. As an artist, and a lover of books.. Its REALLY important to me to have a beautiful place to write and draw inspiration in. Especially if its hand bound, i feel like its such a little treasure. I hope you guys are as interested in journals and artist books.. im also hoping it will also turn into a collaborative project because i can really use ANYTHING as material for binding and if you girls want specialized books made from fabrics you cherish or pages you love WE CAN WORK TOGETHER! anyway, i only have a few photographed but i've got about 20 made and im hoping to double that before opening the shop. here are some little beauties.