going to miss them.

So, now that school is crazy and i only have about a month and ten days left in the sassy northeast, ive had to cut back my goodwill hours to like 6 a week (one day). Its been sad to not see amanda and lorely more often.. but a girls gottta go what a girls gotta do! every once in a while, a polaroid cam will come in with film still in it. so we've got polaroids of us all around the store. haha. here are a few of my favorites that i want to keep forever and ever and everrrrrrrrrr.

also, ive been so so so sleepy lately but this morning my eyes popped open at 7:15am. weirdddd. hence my back to back posts. and i still have another planned for later on today!

also, my bookbinding class was supposed to go to RISD today for a field trip but it didn't work out so im spending the day breaking plates and glueing dead flowers to paper... hopefully it goes well?

see yall soon.