second austin post (120 film)

i am sick sick sick! chest funky.belly funky.achy. you name it! i feel it!
its so sad because ive skipped class the absolute maximum number of classes you can miss, and now when i actually feel ill.. i have to spend hours sitting in a dark room watching films or standing on my feet gluing and sewing... ok, its not that bad. Im just getting realllly lazy. haha.

i have a TON of images to share and i scanned more today, but i had a real problem with some of the settings on the scanner and the colors were really wonky for a long time and i still avent been able to figure it out yet. im just rambling rambling.

watch this! this is my friend natalie prass! ive known her for a very long time and we met up at sxsw last week. she is adorable!//i like this video!