snow snow!

Hi guys!

yesterday was a snowy snow day without much snow. Ryan and i went on a little adventure to downtown and i stopped at sephora to get some yummy rose salve and bare minerals. oh how i love being a girl while in that store! Then we came home and made burritos! It was a pretty good night. I finished another book. I'll be photographing it today and i;ve decided to put it in my etsy. (the beginning of my book selling career!) This little journal is dainty green floral with butter yellow blank pages and a few inside pockets made with floral ribbon. Its dainty and i really like it!

In other exciting news, Caleb has been busy churning away plans for the tour and where we're going to stop and play and yada yada. Im getting really excited. Him and I have come up with GIANT plans for merch during the tour. from prints to zines to pressed flowers. Im even going to be bringing With Lavender and Lace things! You know i get excited about things like that!

Anyway! I know half the country was covered in the storm and I hope everyone made it out alright!

here are some photos of ryan and i during our first snow storm this season.