nasty weather!

today is gross gross gross! cold and wet and snowy and rainy and yuck. Jimmy and I are out the door to the ICA to check out whats happening over there, then eating lunch in the north end (little italy) .. then shopping for delicious foods for an artist talk at school that Jimmy set up with Zehra Kahn

check out her work!

in other news, Caleb found a video of this girl singing and I recognized her voice because i used to be a huge fan of her music on myspaceeee it was called something like Julie Ann Bee and i downloaded all of what she had and wondered for years what happened to her and as it turns out, she has been very very busy creating really fabulous noises! i melt for her luscious vocals. check out her website here and buy that Songs for the ravens album. I LOVE IT! here is a itty bitty taste. here is THE SEA OF BEES!

Annnnd last but not least, i'll leave you all with a little bit of sprite to get you through your day. he is oh so soft.