Kelsie shoots large format?!

thats RIGHT! Im taking a large format photo class this semester! its the cherry on top of my 'learn everything about film" goal. I've taken 30 steps backward in time and i am now learning how to shoot on a camera that looks a lot like this.


Lorely and I stood in the snow for like 45 minutes while i set this camera up and let me tell you, thats one tough cookie to maneuver! anything you've ever not had to think about doing when you take a picture... like meter the light, focus before shutting the shutter, adjust aperture and shutter speed, put in the film (that you've taken the liberty of inserting is COMPLETE darkness), take out the cover thing, click the exposure then shut up the film, turn it around and expose the other side Dont forget to refocus..... These kinds of things that cameras do automatically, I had to remember to do all before capturing ONE image! Unfortunately I wasn't wearing gloves or thick socks, and I was semi frozen by the time i figured everything out. haha

Needless to say, it wasn't the best shoot but I am impressed that this image came out.. and quite lovelier that i thought!

Im sorry for the lack of posts, apart from not getting anything developed, i have been busy at work making things for tour!

Hopefully i will have some pretty 120'S FOR TOMORROW!

sleep well!