getting anxious (image heavy)

The past few days have been relatively nicer than the bulk of this Boston winter days thus far, and its beginning to make me crave the sun and warmer weather! I produce more when the weather is nicer, I am in better moods, I am more adventurous and excited! We all know the effects of winter months, and gratefully, this winter hasn't lead me into to some sort of depression. (SUCH A BUMMER)... I think its because I know I wont be living in such a BEAUTIFUL wintery place next year or for a while so I am doing everything in my power to embrace the cold by spending more time cuddling and treating myself to nice warm treats and making homemade soups and spending time with the internet. (haha)

Anyway, I like to look back at some summer/spring images from pervious years and remember that it will take NO time until it is warm again and that I really should enjoy the beautiful (school canceling) snow storms.. and make myself a nice hot coco with fluff!

things i miss//am looking forward to...

i miss picnics!

music on the lawn!
hot, sweaty georgia!
ice cream in the shade!
warm nights in the grass.
giggling ghouls
the first blossoms of spring!
FINALLY wearing flats and riding my Raleigh Sprite.
playing around on picnics!
kissin in the sunset :)
the Hickey spring garden!

magical little creatures
summer adventuring all around the south with MATTTY!
finding the most amazing secret places!

growing a graden!

CAR RIDES! (yes red HAIR!)

mmm going to farmers markets! figs!

eating OUTSIDE!

strawberry picking,

spending all of my time with my friends and loving them! School will be over for me in just under 3 months. After that I've got a ton of work to do to create a functioning money-making creative life.

we will see how that goes. for now, I AM EXCITED!