fiber artzz

Now, I do my own fair share of knitting, but i never have enough energy to do anything past a cowl or scarf, mayyybe a bow headband (eek) but i want to share some really cool contemporary artists working in fiber arts that are currently BLOWING MY MIND...
(all images found on google!)

Erna Van Sameek
this woman is an amazing Netherlands based artist who works with really lovely materials, my favorite of her projects right now are..

this piece called "broken chain"
its a lovely lovely wreath-shaped object made of wire and broken floral plates. I couldn't get the entire image for some reason so here is a detailed image...
she also have this beautiful piece called "floral gown" and its made up of different flowers rom various fabrics and stitched together and put onto a white backing. its 59 inches high and I want to see it up close SO BAD!
see more of her work (if you read dutch) here!

Next up is Françoise Dupré, she is a London based artist working in crafts, scuplture, textiles, and her work explores ‘the art making in the everyday’. Here are some of her brilliantly colored installations!

for more info on Dupre, google her name because I couldnt find a legit website for her.

Excited to show some of Cal Lane's work..
I am not sure where she is based but her work deals with metals and dirt and other gritty substances in which she creates lace patterns with! Its amazing work, I like her term "Industrial Doilies"
BRILLIANCE! find more of here work here!