on a slightly snowy night

Allston is FREEZING right now! sprite is meowing, i've just spent like an hour on GAWKER watching ridiculous animal videos. I NEED A DOGGY. to be more specific.. I NEED AN ITALIAN GREYHOUND DOGGY..named PETUNIA! (daydreaming) this is frank, we wanted him... it wasnt the right time.. but he is BEAUTIFUL RITEEE

ANYWAY, ryan and i are cozy inside watching the snow fall also watching the pie maker and chuck. (LOVE THIS SHOW)

all i've been up to is spending the past few day getting myself back into the goodwill groove..
next week, i'll be shooting something REALLLLLY cute to sell and wear. COME BACK THEN! here are a few oldies that havent really lived via blog yet! (these are from early 2008 when i went on tour with lacrymosa down the east coast!)