Hey buddy babies!

Ive been really busy slaving over at the goodwill store to make up for all of the money I WASNT making when i went home for 2 weeks! my feet are ache'n and my hands are dirty and SCHOOL STARTS THIS WEEK!

my last semester! Really excited and scared but mostly happy to get it OVER WITH. bleh!

ok! so to prep you for the new booky i made last night. I wanted a place to put some of my old business cards that had wrong information on them! I am a FIRM customer who loves loves loves moo products. and although i have started printing my own business cards, id recommend these to anyone for anything ever. Moo can print different images on each card, making your card stash a little portfolio! i love them. HERE is a book i made to show some of them off! it is completely made of found/thrifted materials besides the business cards! oh, and sorry for the photobooth pics.. i dont own a digital cam!

yayyy. im planning on focusing a bunch on my own book making after school is over. I promise to do many many 'how to's' and 'make your own's' when it comes time! stick around okay!

SO ANYWAYZ. i was really excited to have made something cute last night after a reallly relaxing day on my own in boston

hope everyone is well this evening,
there is a sweet potato calling my name. (not a metaphor!)