hi yall!

today is 1.11.11! bah!

i spent the night working realllly hard on my lil studio space, collecting hidden gems from all around my apartment and storage unit to take photos of tomorrow.

With Lavender and Lace is having a FABULOUSLY planned shoot tomorrow, all about denim, stripes, and native print. BE EXCITED
besides that, i will be getting some film developed on wednesday! there is supposed to be a giant storm tomorrow night and im dedicating my snow day to traveling to somerville to get my photos developed professionally. (my mom got me some FANCY film for christmas, i hope its lovely!)

SO, here are more oldies for you to dream in and out. thanks for all the messages and comments, FEELS GOOD BE HAVE FRENDZ!

these are from freshman year 2007/8, my first year in boston, these pics are everywhere from long island to virginia to mass!

and AWWWW ryan and i when we first met and were just friends :D!