special day!

Today I made a BIG step in With Lavender and Lace history. Well, maybe not that big. but, I moved things into a storage space! lately i keep finding goodies and i have no where to put them so i have to let them go (or store them in my car which wasn't working out so well) SO today i took the big mama step and NOW i have SO MUCH ROOM to fill with beautiful garments in preparation for next summer.

This May, I will be graduating and moving to Ghent in Norfolk, VA and running With Lavender and Lace full time!! Since right NOW i work at a WONDERFUL thrift store, I've put it upon myself to shop now, sell later. Ive got to tell you girls, I HAVE SOME AMAZING THINGS! like heart melting! But right now with school FULL TIME and working and trying to stay on my feet as an artist... With Lavender and Lace isnt getting the attention it deserves yet! there is always a lack of space (fixed!) and it gets too cold outside to shoot the items.. (I really love With Lavender and Lace items shot outdoors, I think its important to my branding that the items and clothing be shot in beautiful places to enhance the beauty of each piece! ) and all in all, i am TOO distracted at the moment to have the idealized flow of items and promotion and experimentation that With Lavender and Lace warrants.

but i am really excited now to be prepping for a FULL TIME position as head owner of a real little vintage goody shop (from my home home home) in June 2011!

ALSO next summer, I am doing some SERIOUS planning on opening a HANDMADE section of With Lavender and Lace, who knows though, I might just make a new store all together! complete with self created books, prints, pressed flower jewelery, shrinkydink pendants, hand crafted jewelery, magical floral fabric creatures, and soo many other pretty things!

anyway, ive got to go get cleaning. Today i turned my 5 page paper and I have ONE MORE paper due of friday (7 pager) then i am done until review boards! (dec 20th)

during the space from now till then i'll be at work work work creating more books and more prints and editing my WEBSITE (i am SO proud of this)

how much mre work does everyone else have until they can enjoy the holiday season?
and is anyone in boston or anywhere for that matter as READY for a giant SNOW STORM as i am? :D