sincerest apologies

for my recent blogging disappearance!

the cold is making me incredibly lazy! also, my friend/coworker amanda just got her appendix OUT and i needed to cover her shifts! also yesterday I went to New York for the day to go to the galleries in Chelsea which i want to blog about once my 3 rolls of film come back to me. as for now, TONIGHT i am excited about TOMORROW. tomorrow, an old friend of mine, Steven Fiore is coming back to boston for a show. We used to sing together somewhere around 2 years ago? when he lived here briefly. He has some really wonderful music out there, feel free to check it out!

here is a video of a cover we did at a show he played a long while ago.
im excited because we're doing it again tomorrow night!!!!

in other news, tomorrow night is a night of photo taking and music making. before the show, im taking aaron brown (you all will SOON be introduced to this incredibly talented HUMAN) and Lilah Rose to this really enchanted cemetery for some serious photographs! also later that night, im sure we all will be filled with ciders and giggles. Sunday is filled with good things too! But I will blog when i get there!

Im not sure, hows the weather where everyone lives? are your trees bare yet? how about the sun going down SO EARLY!? It feels like 9 pm when its only six, HOW DEPRESSING! makes me want to be in bed all of the time!

thanks for reading!