New York Part 1

an early 7 am bus ride to new york from the big bean.
Jimmy and I spent the day in Chelsea on a gallery tour by our friend and teacher, jonathan calm.

*DISCLAIMER- i dont remember all of the artist's work, I will do my BEST to remember everyone and if i cant then i will find out. ALSO this film is expired and it did terrible color things to the images.

our day started with an installation outside of the school

and jimmy being too sleepy to open his eyes

three.five hour bus ride

finally we make it to new york

we check out Matthew Day Jackon's work at Peter Blum Gallery

then saw some of james casebere photographs

This print is AMAZING! there was a whole room filled with these ENORMOUS 4' by 6' prints of miniature neighborhoods. honestly these houses must have only been a few inches high. find his really awesome work here

here are my feet from some gallery i don't remember

these next photos are from Anselm Kiefer's Next Year In Jerusalem Show.
basically it was a HUGE space filled with GIANT glass boxes of hauntingly beautiful and dead-looking things.

and i'll leave you with one of my favorite images from that day
i dont remember the artist, I will find out soon.

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