welome new viewers!

I just wanted to take quick second to talk about me sponsoring A Beautiful Mess blog. Umm, I met Elsie a few years back through Jeremy and Ive been following her progression ever since. Its easy to fall in love with her work and her dreams and its always good to see what Jeremy has been up to lately as well.

So a little about me....
Im in my final year of art school at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA. Ive only been at this school for a year and a half, before I attended The New England Institute of Art where I studied Audio Engineering (recorded music), and decided it wasn't what i loved.. so half way though i decided to just get an associates degree and move onto something else to do for the rest of my life. In May of next year (2011) I will get my BFA from Tufts University (which accredits the museum school) and move to Ghent, Norfolk. Within the next few years, I want to work on creating music and expanding my own little vintage shop to a real space. I am really Interested in the historical culture of Savannah, GA (old, like boston but not FREEZING all of the time). Here I plan on opening a Gallery Space with a vintage retail shop in the back. (this is like 5-6 years down the line). Being in fine art school has really taught me to look at people's work (including my own) with a critical and conceptual eye. Which really (when i like it) becomes a much more personal experience for me. And ive really started thinking that a gallery space with instillations and items and/or performances by the young art makers that dont have any place to display their work.. this is a place I want to create. So thats the goal... eventually!

so back to sponsoring Elsie and RVA, I was hoping to gather a small group of people that are interested in my film works and ideas with the gallery and store.. to befriend and to collaborate! And of course, helping out Elsie feels really great too! Im really excited about you guys and if you're ever in Boston and want to meet up, send me an email!!

also i figured id plug in Jeremy's music here. I heard he is working on a new project called Fort Christmas. I am very excited. I remember listening to his music on myspace when i was like 15. i used to looove listening to his song Martyr. anyway, I did backup vox on his last album Salvation Club. The song is called 'Disarm'

other than that... these are some pictures i took when Jeremy and I were good friends and i visited Springfield (years ago) and when i met Elsie (fewer years ago) and a BEAUTIFUL picture of why i love SAVANNAH! thanks for reading!!!

then a few years later