something silly!

HELLOOOO blogger world!

since its the season for spooky, i thought i'd let you in on something really awesome.

my good friend Nathan Goldman has written a really cool spin on the War of the Words (1938) broadcast called, Undead End: A Zombie Apocalypse Radio Drama. ryan has been recording the episodes and they have been coming on every thursday of this month. nearing the final 2 episodes and the story starts to get crazy... we're looking for some zombie noises for the show and i thought about asking some of you to get involved.

to learn more about the radio show, visit the sites, read around and listen to the episodes! seriously you WONT be disappointed!

visit the show's website
to listen to the past three episodes
visit the AlterNation Radio's site
the promo site

and to take part in my zombie noise contest/non contest...
visit this blog i have been using for my internet class. just follow the instructions.

hope some of you are interested, this could turn out to be a hilarious audio piece i use for my final project this semester, AND OR these sounds will be put into the radio show!

either way, it will be fun!