David Hilliard

REALLYYYY excited about next week because one of my favorite photographers is coming to school to give a talk in my very own class! i've been following his work now for about 2 years, and i just LOVE seeing physical prints. he shoots using a large format camera and his work is usually presented as triptychs. He makes these BEAUTIFUL panorama scenes (usually staged) of people he loves and is inspired by daily life. His work is really infused with the awkwardness of adolescence and I cant help but love the ambiguity of these images!

arnt they amazing?! and he has made SO MUCH MORE beautiful work!!!!
check out his website if you feel inspired!

i tried once to make a david hilliard-inspired photo... how did it work out?

on another note... getting excited for this weekend! caitlin pasko is coming and we are doing some SERIOUS adventuring. I also just got my medium format camera working again. I AM SO EXCITED. you cant possibly dream about how beautiful the images that come out of this camera are... my life is COMPLETE