beware! ZOMBIES!

hopefully these images arnt too morbid or gross for the blogging world. This past week, Lilah and I got seriously involved in a zombie run! we did all of this crazy makeup and ran around Boston University! The run was a scene from The Undead End radio drama. It was also a really great way to promote the show and the last episode that aired about 2 hours after the run. PLEASE feel free to listen to the 5 fantastic episodes located here. my good friend Nathan Goldman wrote this entire thing and my boyfriend Ryan Hickey recorded it! also, In episode 5, I have a few minute speech as a "government official"!

here are the picz!

Lilah and I before being zombified!

lilah did my makes up and I did hers, the first step was toilet paper and liquid latex (OUCHH-when you have to yank this off later)

so the toilet paper is layered and torn to make a really cool hole in skin effect
we didnt get anymore pictures of doing the makeup but here's what it looked like!

OH! and i used a chicken wing bone to make it look like her bones were hanging out! GROSSSS but awesome!

Lilah did a pretty cool hole in cheek thing on my face!


this is in action while we roamed BU!

and here is the whole group of zombies!

Hope this wasnt too gruesome for you gals and guys, it was just SO FUN. we were moaning and groaning and we walked in through the HUGH dining hall filled with college students. IT WAS HILARIOUS.

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