my etsy MOVED

for my future and for the holiday season coming up, I wanted my shop to be in the best possible shape! So i recreated a store ACTUALLY called with lavender and lace. so now its easily searcheable and easier to remember and awesomely everything! also added 12 new items, including a mens item! haha.

the new improved shop!

NOW even though i got a bunch of new things up, this doesnt mean I have even made a real DENT in my clothing piles. BLEH im swimming in it SERIOUSLY. so tell your friends to buy stuff up so i can get motivated to spend another day working to take photos and measure and upload everything!

sometimes i forget who i used to be and when this happens, i like to rewind a few years and check out my music myspace. believe it or not, before i really fell in love my my camera.. i was in love with my guitar! and harmonizing! WHAT?!>!?!? every song on there represents a different time in my life because I so infrequently write. only when things are terribly wrong or terribly right do i get enough UMPH to explode into song. HOPEFULLY, one day this will change and i will feel the need to write once a week or maybe once a month or SOMETHING other than once a year.