a busy week for Happiest Lion

we played a show tonight at the church of boston in fenway. It went really well!

TOMORROW the 30th, we are playing at BU central for FREE! you should come if you're in the area!
ALSO saturday the 1st, we are playing a house show at the 'secret garden', the new pad of allison francis

Happiest Lion (if you aren't familiar) is the music of my dear friend caleb groh. within the past year, we got together and decided to stick together. now happiest lion also (temporarily) consists of me as well! and how honored i feel to be apart of something as magical as this! here is a video of a few MONTHS ago singing my song 'this winter'

ALSO we recently recorded a BEAUTIFUL music video that is still in production.. stay posted for this in late october!

here are a few shots from our adventures..