my baby, Lassyomoso

DONT BE CONFUSED! Caitlin Pasko of LACRYMOSA has a new album out! or will be out shortly! Its BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL. for as long as i live ill remember her tiny vox chords humming along to everything with me while we grew and i am SO proud of her! Watching her everyday as she has evolved into this beautiful being! PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS/PURCHASE IT.

ALSO her is a beautiful video of caitlin singing Weltschmerz (Smitten Song)

Mason Jar Music Presents... Lacrymosa from Mason Jar Music on Vimeo.

and if you happen to be in NYC sept 5 / 19 / 26, stop by the Living Room to see Caity play Live for FREE!!
also check out her new site..
and her tumblr..
and her label's site..

love you caity.