its like the perfect beginning to the rest of my life - james canto

good things! my etsy store has been doing pretty well! just sold my 16th item! im having so much fun selling cool things and hopefully making friends with the girls and future guys (yes opening a mens section this fall!) that purchase stuff from with lavender and lace. i have so many fun ideas for the store, its just hard finding the time with work and getting the car fixed all the time and being sleepy and being BROKEEE. BUT a special thanks to jimmy for helping me package! he works in my etsy factory in the packaging department. i might even promote him to manager. when I get enough inventory to start selling mens items, jimmy, ross, and ryan will be my stylish models and im really excited to take photos of them in vintage gear! mostly button-ups and shoes, a few ties, and maybe blazers. here is a collection of random photos over the past few weeks.