happiest lion video shoot


a few weekends ago I took CALEB GROH of Happiest lion to Connecticut for three intense days of music video filming.
we got together with a new good friend by the name of Kevin Wansa. remember the name because he will make it big with his beautiful video filming. ANYWAYz
IT WAS REALLLLLY ROUGH. with only about 8 hours of sleep during the whole 3 days, we hiked up mountains and stood in pouring rains and sweated out absolutely everything we had eaten or drunken that day. My shoes fell apart from so much wetness and movement that they dyed my feet red and I had to leave them in the woods and run wild with no shoes for the rest of the second day. then bought some little ballerina flats from Walmart, guilty. and all the pressure to stay CLEAN and GOODLOOKING for filming everyday. haha luckily i had a lot of downtime to explore and play. we found a dead fox covered in a million maggots..(gross) and what i think could have been someones eyeball..but lets hope not.
we did the video to Eli has the quarry blues again... you can listen/download here..


hopefully the music video will be out and about near the middle end of september. waaaaaa. excited! here are photos from the shoot!