bonsai babies

For my LOVE's birthday, I took him to BONSAI WEST to pick out a little tree for him to play with and watch grow. he picked out a little dwarf jade. too handsome! Ryan and i have been dating now for about 2.3 years or so and i really wanted to get him something special on a small budget. we picked out one from the sales area and picked out our own pot and replanted it and pruned it to be a shape we like.. so much fun!

ROSS CALLAHAN and JAMES CANTO have been in my life a lot lately too! living with jimmy has been a blast, we're really looking forward to moving in together for the next year back in allston. ross is a new friend development with a fine taste for hair cutting and giving me ideas of what to do with my HAIR FOR THE FALL. i want to go orange again. he will help! he works at this really fancy hair salon downtown called Sassoon Salon, This is great because as long as the four of us are together, we will all have really cool hair. all i want.

ross bought a little chinese elm, SO CUTE!

so hip, its killing me! this needs to be posted somewhere gay fabulous.

we are now bonsai beings.