more books! and a new addition to my camera family.

helllllllo. im watching unwrapped. my favorite food show.

i had another 8 hour class of book making today. here is what i came up with!
a few small books

then i made a portfolio folder to hold them all

horray! making books is so therapeutic. especially i'll probably never fill half of them, i really focus on each's creation. there are a few more but im feeling book over loaded right now.

so its a good time to introduce my newest best friend (i hope)
a name is in the making!

This camera is a Bronica Etrsi with a prisim.
its a medium format camera and it shoots 120 film.

so i spent all of the money i had on this so go shopping in my etsy please! or tell your friends or something!
shipping off my first pair of shoes tomorrow. HAPPY